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Cutting-Edge Delivery Tracking

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Belle Casa utilizes the best cutting-edge technology available on the market. Each one of our distributors carries a GPS tracker that allows us to see and pinpoint, down to the house, where distribution has taken place. Until recently, GPS tracking was mostly found on delivery vehicles. However, we can now log each distributor on a personal level, which enables us to check that delivery has taken place and is monitored at individual address level.

With our unique tracking system, you, as the client can track your order. You will be given access to our system, which will allow you to see when your campaign has been delivered. This will enable you to plan your campaign more effectively.

With our advanced targeting systems, we can identify the areas that are most likely to respond to your advertising. This system is not only cost effective, but also saves your valuable time.

We analyse consumer habits and behaviour. This allows us to profile and target potential customers for you.

Through this system we can provide you with customer profiles, catchment analyses, ranking reports, detailed postcode sector maps, street level mapping, competitor mapping and demographic locator reports.

This accountability has never been available in door-to-door distribution and some of our clients are already reaping the benefits of a remarkably accountable service.