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Leaflet Distribution

We offer 3 forms of leaflet distribution. We keep it simple, which means you can choose the right campaign for your market.

Solus Leaflet Distribution

This is a guarantee that your promotional leaflet or magazine will be delivered on their own. You can choose when the delivery takes place. You will have total control over your target audience and the timing of the distribution. Using Solus Distribution ensures maximum impact and gives you complete campaign flexibility.

Share plan

This is your leaflet or magazine delivery with a maximum of 3 non-competing leaflets. We guarantee that we will not deliver a competitors leaflet if you use this plan.


This process is where you are happy for us to have the flexibility on time and area of delivery. This is where you do not have a prime area for a target campaign.


We offer a full money back guarantee if we do not deliver your leaflet or magazine. How can we make such a bold offer?


We know our distributors. We follow the same code as our sister company in which we interview all potential distributors in their own home. This give us the edge as we know our people very well.


We give you a username and password, which allows you access to our system. You can then see when your leaflet or magazine has been delivered!! This allows you, as the customer, to see that we have carried out your instructions.